Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Buying the Flora in Derby

Derby Cathedral Shop
Shoppers in Derby city centre can now obtain a copy of The Flora of Derby from the Cathedral Shop on Irongate - it's right across from the cathedral itself (and a great place to stop for coffee, too).

Since publication last year we have now sold nearly three quarters of our print-run of the Flora of Derbyshire, and a very positive review recently appear in the BSBI Journal.

All profits from its sale will be invested in plant conservation and research projects across the county.

The Flora of Derbyshire retails at £38.50, and a list of stockists is included on this blog.

Meanwhile, our volunteers continue to record vascular plants across the county, recently using our data to help Derbyshire Wildlife Trust update its GIS data on Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) which has been circulated to conservation partners across Derbyshire.

Sample page - Jacob's Ladder

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Publication Day

Click image to order online
On 14th May we held our formal book launch, hosted by the University of Derby, meaning that our pre-publication offer is now closed.

1) You can now order copies ONLINE for £38.50 (plus p&p) from Pisces Publications.

2) If you prefer to PAY BY CHEQUE, please use this downloadable order form which you will need to print and send back (5Mb) with your payment direct to Pisces Publications (aka Nature Bureau).

3) Other Outlets
The following outlets are currently selling The Flora of Derbyshire. We will add more when we learn of them:
Coming soon: Rhyme & Reason, Sheffield, S11 8TG

Those who have pre-ordered copies to collect from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's HQ at East Mill, Belper, can now do so during office hours.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Pre-publication Offer - The Flora of Derbyshire

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is now closed
Our pre-publication offer for The Flora of Derbyshire ends on 13th May - the day before our FORMAL BOOK LAUNCH and signing at the University of Derby. (all invited - it's free).
See here for some sample pages.
And here's how to save money by ordering it now:

1) You can order advance copies ONLINE for the special price of  £25 (plus p&p) from Pisces Publications.

2) If you prefer to PAY BY CHEQUE, you will need to  download and print this order form (5Mb)and post it with your payment direct to Pisces Publications (aka Nature Bureau).

In both cases, you can order up to five copies for just one single p&p fee of £11. You may think it's worth getting together with friends to make extra savings on a group order!
Once published in mid-May, The Flora of Derbyshire will then cost £38.50, plus p&p as above.

3) Further Special offer to Derbyshire naturalists:
If you are a member of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust you will this week have received a printed flyer with your copy of WildDerbyshire. On page 7 you will see details of a further pre-publication offer to enable you to avoid p&p charges entirely, subject to three conditions:
  • You are willing to collect your pre-publication copy of The Flora from the offices of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust at East Mill, Belper, during office hours.
  • You use and post back the Pre-publication order form (also downloadable here), and
  • You clearly write "WILL COLLECT" on your printed order form returned to Nature Bureau, and just pay £25 per copy, and do not add on any p&p fees.
Once published, those Trust members who have
Cowslip (Primula veris) Calke Abbey, April 2008 by M. Neal 
taken up this offer will be contacted and advised when the new Flora of Derbyshire is available for you to collect. (So please ensure your email and address are both clear and legible).

After nearly 20 years of plant recording, this major new work on the county's flora has now been printed, and we are expecting delivery any day now. We are making plans for a launch event in the second week of May at the University of Derby.
Follow all our progress on Twitter at @DerbyshireFlora

See this post for details of the books contents. Or this post to view some sample pages.

Nick Moyes & Alan Willmot
Authors, The Flora of Derbyshire, 2015

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Launch Event Invitation

Dear All,

Book launch for 'The Flora of Derbyshire'
We hope you can join us on Thursday 14 May for 'The Flora of Derbyshire' book launch at 6.45pm. The event will take place in our Lower Atrium, by Blackwell's University Bookshop, and features talks by guest authors Alan Willmot and Nick Moyes.

The new text accounts for all of Derybshire's known 1,919 species of wild flowers, grasses, trees conifers, ferns and fern allies, with many mapped in colour.

You can speak with the two authors, who between them and their helpers, have culminated nearly 20 years of research and fieldwork in their writing of the book.
You can find us here. Free parking is available on site after 4.00pm, and there is no charge to attend the event.

Kind regards,    
Paul Lynch
Head of Natural Sciences
University of Derby

Please note: Our pre-publication offer for The Flora of Derbyshire closes the day prior to the book launch. However Blackwell's Bookshop will be open on launch night, where copies can be purchased at the full price of £38.50.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sample Pages

The Flora of Derbyshire as a 'Word Cloud'
Below are shown a few sample pages from the forthcoming Flora of Derbyshire, mainly to give examples of the species accounts and maps used throughout this major new publication. Click here for details of our pre-publication offer and how to order it before its launch on May 14th 2015.
Click any image to enlarge.

Chapter 1 describes the eleven different Landscape Character Areas in Derbyshire.

Most distribution maps show relief and Landscape Character Areas.
A few, like that for Green Spleenwort, show Derbyshire geology.

Others show urban areas, roads or major waterbodies.

Three types of map symbols are used to represent records from different date classes.

Local common names (like Leadwort) are included, or referred to in the text accounts.

This is the page for Jacob's Ladder - recently voted Derbyshire's 'county plant'.

All known micro-species are covered, like these for Taraxacum (Dandelions).
Many of the Hieracium (Hawkweed) accounts have maps, too.

Records are mostly plotted at the tetrad level (2km x 2km). 
Sometimes using hectads (10km x 10km symbols) is more informative for older records. 
However, all species accounts usually refer to locations at a 1km accuracy.

Printed in full colour, The Flora of Derbyshire contains 180 photos of plants and landscapes.
Many were taken by Derby-based photographer, Peter Smith. Here: Danish Scurvy Grass (C. danica)

Saturday, 31 January 2015

About The Book

Willmot & Moyes' The Flora of Derbyshire, will be published in May 2015. It will be the first Flora for this botanically-rich county since 1969.  Follow this link to see some Sample pages.

Rue-leaved Saxifrage (Saxifraga. tridactylites),
Cressbrookdale, Derbyshire. Photo Nick Moyes
Printed in full colour throughout, it covers all wild flowers, trees, conifers and ferns recorded in Derbyshire over the last 400 years. Based on over 3/4 million plant records, it is the culmination of nearly 20 years of research and fieldwork by the authors and their army of helpers. 

Its 1,919 species accounts describe the status, habitats and distribution of all Derbyshire's wild plants. Colour maps for over 1,100 species are included, with modern and historic records plotted at tetrad level (2km x 2km) in a clear unambiguous manner that few other atlases achieve. Different map backgrounds are used to assist understanding of species distribution, and include roads and urban areas, waterways, landscape character, geology and relief. 

Introductory chapters describe the landscapes and vegetation of the county, the history of Derbyshire field botany and the story of local plant conservation. One chapter, entitled "Where to See Plants in Derbyshire", is set to become an important resource for local and visiting plant lovers as it describes over 50 easily accessible and botanically-rich sites to visit, spread right across the county. This is the first county Flora to be published which includes the brand new 2014 designations of "England Red List Species". All of Derbyshire's own Red Data List plants are tabulated in a separate chapter, with others covering the very latest species discoveries, past published errors, plus a list of indicator species for each of Derbyshire's major plant habitats.

  • 1,919 Species Accounts
  • 1,100+ Colour Distribution Maps
  • 180 Colour photographs
  • 840,000 plant records analysed
  • 400 year historical coverage
  • 20 years of recording effort
  • 70 botanical sites to visit
  • 11 Derbyshire Landscape Character Areas described
  • All maps are in full colour
  • 9 Supporting Chapters
Publication due late Spring 2015.   Price £38.50 plus p&p.
See Pre-publication offer (available now for just £25)
ISBN:  978-1-874357-65-0
Size:285 x 215mm
Pages: 460
Illustrations: Full colour throughout

About the authors:
Dr Alan Willmot is the BSBI Vice-county plant recorder for Derbyshire (V.C.57) and a retired senior lecturer at the  University of Derby. 
Nick Moyes was Senior Keeper of Natural History at Derby Museum & Art Gallery for 25 years, but is now a private consultant and part-time Project Officer for the Lowland Derbyshire Biodiversity Partnership.