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The Flora of Derbyshire as a 'Word Cloud'
Below are shown a few sample pages from the newly published Flora of Derbyshire, mainly to give examples of the species accounts and maps used throughout this major new work. Click any image to enlarge.

Chapter 1 describes the eleven different Landscape Character Areas in Derbyshire.

Most distribution maps show relief and Landscape Character Areas.
A few, like that for Green Spleenwort, show Derbyshire geology.

Others show urban areas, roads or major waterbodies.

Three types of map symbols are used to represent records from different date classes.

Local common names (like Leadwort) are included, or referred to in the text accounts.

This is the page for Jacob's Ladder - recently voted Derbyshire's 'county plant'.

All known micro-species are covered, like these for Taraxacum (Dandelions).
Many of the Hieracium (Hawkweed) accounts have maps, too.

Records are mostly plotted at the tetrad level (2km x 2km). 
Sometimes using hectads (10km x 10km symbols) is more informative for older records. 
However, all species accounts usually refer to locations at a 1km accuracy.

Printed in full colour, The Flora of Derbyshire contains 180 photos of plants and landscapes.
Many were taken by Derby-based photographer, Peter Smith. Here: Danish Scurvy Grass (C. danica)

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